The Zagato company made the Fiat 500 in Coupe

At the stand of Fiat in Geneva can be seen unusual the Fiat 500, which by experts from the car body company Zagato has evolved from a compact hatchback coupe. The Zagato engaged release of “fiat 500” coupe back in 1952, was inspired by that classic model in the studio and decided to “a hand” to the modern interpretation of the known with a legendary Fiat. Major changes have affected the rear of the vehicle. The Zagato changed the shape of the side windows and glass buildings, as well as made a sloping roof. Rounding out the picture of the stylish 17-inch wheels and body-color painting of Pop Yellow. Inside Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato got a two-tone upholstery made of genuine black leather with suede inserts yellow, dark ceiling and inserts chroman center console. Under the hood of the car is located two-cylinder 900-cc gasoline engine family of TwinAir, issuing 105 hp and peak torque of 155 Nm. About the series production of the coupe speech does not go yet.

zagato-500-coupe_02-650x433 zagato-500-coupe_03-650x433 zagato-500-coupe_01-650x432

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