Company “Yo-Auto”, as promised earlier, brought to the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt, the five-door E-crossover with a new design, which, to say the least, somewhat surprised.
The car has received a slope of the roof and glass, narrow head optics with LED and other taillights, fully peredelany front bumper and wheels with a new design.
It recalls that it is the most crossover collected pre-orders and that the crossover should be the first to stand on the conveyor under construction in St. Petersburg plant, which promises to launch in the second half of next year.
Here are the information about the form in which Yo-crossover will be launched into production yet. Perhaps in the future we are waiting for another variation on the theme of his appearance, because the latter option is clearly not a success.

foto-e-crossover-new_01 foto-e-crossover-new_03 foto-e-crossover-new_02