The camera and heartbeat sensor installed in the cabin is able to monitor the physical state of the driver in real time, plus biometric sensors, high-speed network connection, and a data exchange system with other vehicles and infrastructure objects in the model’s equipment list. Traditional keys in the prototype are not provided, therefore, to open the doors and start the car, the company’s specialists used face detection, which, recognizing the driver, automatically loads its favorite settings (for example, the optimal position of the chair and installation of the audio system).

Volvo S90

The car has a three-seater cabin, where the front passenger seat is not available, which allows the passenger to settle for him with the greatest comfort. However, the main feature of the concept is the choice of seven visual themes (“Archipelago”, “Rain”, “Swan Lake”, “Night”, “Northern Lights”, “Scandinavian Forest” and “Freedom”), you can switch between them from a special applications for the smartphone. Each of the themes uses unique settings, affecting the atmosphere through visual images, sound and smell.