A year after the premiere of sedan Alfa Romeo 159 Italian automaker brought to the Geneva Motor Show 2006 wagon model based on “one hundred fifty nine”, received as predshestchennik name SportWagon. And if Alfa Romeo 159 sedan turned incredibly beautiful, the five-door “car” looks even more attractive, although such a claim depends on individual taste. It is noteworthy that the length and width SportWagon practically repeats sedan, and its height was even 5 mm below the latter (1417 mm to 1422 mm).

Models & Prices wagon Alfa Romeo 159 SportWagon.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Progression $30,400 1.8 petrol (140 hp) Manual (5) front
Distinctive $37,400 2.2 petrol (185 hp) Automatic (5) front

So the creators of the wagon Alfa Romeo 159 is clearly thinking in the first place, not so much about the practicality of the car, how much of his appearance and sporty character. Trunk volume five-door little more than the sedan – 445 liters compared to 405. As the engines for a variety of different models available gasoline and diesel engines. Depending on the region of delivery vehicle sports a wide selection of options and specifications, including the modification of four-wheel drive. The first version comes with a 140-horsepower gasoline engine MPI Operating 1.8-liter and 5-speed manual, and the second version is equipped with a 2.2-liter engine with the recoil force of 185 and six-step “robot”. Sedan Alfa Romeo 159 in similar modification is estimated an average of $2,500 cheaper. Although “one hundred fifty-ninth” taken out of production, replacing her Italian automaker still has not introduced.

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