VW Budd-e Concept could become a serial Microbus

Volkswagen has introduced the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2016 concept minivan Budd-e Concept, which is a kind of harbinger of the new generation of the legendary Microbus.
German engineers built the prototype of a new platform, called the Modular Electronic Toolkit. The movement of the machine gives two electric motors. One is located on the rear axle, and the other – on the front.
Battery pack capacity 101 kW at the concept lies across the floor. The manufacturer points out that their charging from 0 to 80% requires only 15 minutes. Minibus got four-wheel drive and can accelerate to 150 km/h.
Interestingly, Budd-e Volkswagen Concept can be used not only as a vehicle, but also, for example, as an additional generator house. In addition, it can provide wireless connectivity so-called “smart” (Smart) Home/Office.
Looks Budd-e Concept is enough fresh and modern, and the Germans were able to make it look like the iconic Microbus 1962. In the prototype a wide grille, which merges into one with LED lights. Among other design features worth mentioning the lack of door handles and mirrors.
German Interior minivan is very unusual. Inside, Volkswagen Budd-e Concept a plurality of displays and touch screens, and electric control some functions (such as opening or closing a door), you can use gestures innovation system.
According to rumors, Volkswagen plans to release a production version of the minivan in 2017, with the addition of electrical modifications on the market as there will be versions with conventional internal combustion engines.

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