Volvo introduced a concept interior S90 Excellence

Volvo has unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show 2016 concept interior Excellence, the basis of which the interior was taken S90 sedan. Speaking about the exhibition sample Swedes said that the development of the concept of the interior has been given increased attention to the comfort of the rear passengers. So, in the rear armrest there was a place for a refrigerator in which there are two crystal glass firm Orrefors. The Volvo abandoned the front passenger seat. The vacant place was taken by a multifunctional console Lounge Console, which is attached to a folding touch screen. Interior S90 Excellence has three options for the use of multi-function console: mobile workstation, entertainment and recreation. By activating mode “mobile workstation”, rear passengers have access to a folding table and a large display with which you can conduct video conference or to conduct online correspondence. Mode “entertainment” adjusts the display position for comfortable viewing of movies and TV shows to share the Netflix. Well, the “rest” allows recline my seat back and put your feet on a special stand. Will there be any of the decisions on the conceptual interior of the Volvo production models, not yet known.


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