New Volkswagen XL Sport Coupe 2017, prices and equipment

Volkswagen Company at the Paris Motor Show unveiled its new sports car – XL Sport, which is a modification of ultra model XL1. Perhaps the most interesting feature of novelty is its engine. Representatives of Volkswagen is proud to say that today – is the most powerful twin-cylinder engine in the world. The power unit displacement of 1.2-liters develops 200 hp (134 nm), and counting the tachometer is limited to 11 000 rev/min. It works in tandem with the engine seven-step “robot” DSG dual clutch. The German company believes that match the dynamic performance XL Sport not any car with an engine capacity of up to 200 hp New Volkswagen XL Sport is radically different from the XL1, and not only in terms of “stuffing” (for XL1 hybrid propulsion system), but also the construction and design. Dimensions represented in Paris sports car are: 4291 mm long, 1847 mm wide and 1152 mm in height. It turns out that sports modification is longer, wider and lower on the XL1 model 403, 183 and 1 mm, respectively. The wheelbase of the car is also superior to the original 200 mm and 424 mm pBHA 2.
Volkswagen XL Sport Built on a solid steel frame with ultralight materials: aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, etc. For example, 18-inch wheels for it produced magnesium alloy, so they turned out as much as 23.9 kg lighter than aluminum counterparts. Wheels “shod” in the narrow racing tires 205/40R18 front and 265/35R18 – rear. As a result, Volkswagen sports car weighs only 860 kg. Impressive, but original hybrid anyway easier. Exceeds XL1 his sporting modification in terms of aerodynamics. A distinctive feature of the interior VW XL Sport is a digital instrument panel with multi-function display. In the last output a lot of useful information, including data on the lap, and oil pressure. Volkswagen has released a series of shallow XL Sport – 500 cars. The price of the car has not been disclosed, but when you consider that the original hybrid XL1 costs 110,000 euros, the cost of “charged” version will probably be higher.

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