New VolksWagen Tiguan (2) hybrid GTE 2017, prices and equipment

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE (2017) – a hybrid modification of the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2 generation crossover. Both options are presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, but the version of the GTE is has the status of a concept.
From the ordinary to the new Tiguan Hybrid body Tiguan GTE stands the original front bumper, other pipes of the exhaust system, exclusive wheels, as well as a number of elements on the version of R-Line, including the spoiler, painted in body color sills and chrome trim on the front wings.
The movement Volkswagen Tiguan GTE (2017) resulting hybrid propulsion system with a total capacity of 218 hp – It includes a 1.4-liter gasoline turbo TSI, an electric motor (both transmit traction on the front axle), specially customized robotic DSG is six steps and a set of lithium-ion battery 13 kWh.
Pure electric Volkswagen Tiguan CTU is able to overcome to 50 kilometers at a maximum speed of 130 km/h. At the same time a conceptual version of the crossover is integrated into the roof of the special solar module, which, depending on the region of the car, can save a year of energy to overcome the 1000 kilometers. Probably on the production version of VW Tiguan GTE it will not.

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The power plant has four modes of operation: E-Mode, Hybrid, Battery Charge and GTE. In the latter case, all systems go at maximum capacity to provide the most dynamic ride. In this case, acceleration from zero to hundreds of new Volkswagen Tiguan GTE requires 8.1 sec., And the maximum speed reaches 200 km/h.
If you move gradually in most economical mode, average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared by the manufacturer at the level of only 1.9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere – 42 g/km. On the timing of the appearance and the prices of hybrid Volkswagen Tiguan CTU has not reported. This probably will not happen until the spring of 2016 – after the start of European sales of conventional Tiguan 2.

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