New Volkswagen Golf (7) GTE hybrid 2016, prices and equipment

Volkswagen has continued churning out various modifications Golf 7 generation hatchback. At this time the German manufacturer produced gasoline-electric hybrid, but not simple, but with the prefix GT. Novelty index GTE and made her debut in early March at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. As the name implies, the new version is designed to stand on a par with the “hot” models Golf GTI and diesel GTD. In the motion VW Golf 7 GTE brings tandem 1.4-liter petrol engine capacity of 150 hp and a 102-hp electric motor, which is responsible for the power set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 8.8 kWh to place under the rear sofa. From zero to a hundred car accelerates in 7.6 seconds – that’s just 0.1 seconds. slower 184-strong diesel version of the Golf GTD. The maximum speed of the hybrid reaches 217 km/h, and in pure electric mode at maximum speed exceeds 130 km/h. A total electric Volkswagen Golf GTE able to overcome the distance of 50 kilometers, and with a full tank of gasoline – up to 940 km. Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle, the model stated by the manufacturer at 1.5 liters per hundred kilometers. On charging the battery from a household network requires 3.5 hours, and Un fast charging, this procedure takes less than an hour. he price of the new Volkswagen Golf 7 GTE is not yet known, but its European sales will begin later this year.

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