New Volkswagen Golf (7) BlueMotion 2016, prices and equipment

Paris Motor Show in 2012 became the seat of the premiere of the new Volkswagen Golf 7, but with its basic version of the German automaker brought to the exhibition and a new generation of ultra modifications Golf BlueMotion. Under the hood of the new 2013 VW Golf BlueMotion is a 1.6-liter diesel engine TDI with 110 hp (250 Nm), is mounted in a pair with a 5-speed manual transmission with extended systems, and a number of Start/Stop, and energy recovery from braking. According to the automaker, the average fuel consumption in the combined cycle, the new Golf BlueMotion is 3.2 liters per hundred kilometers (CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of 85 g/km). For comparison, the first version in 2007 was spending 4.5 liters per hundred, and the second generation in 2009 consumes 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The theoretical cruising range on a full tank of new items is 1562 km. Volkswagen Experts estimate that at an average annual mileage of 15 000 km of the new Golf BlueMotion owners in 2013 will refuel the car only 10 times a year. To achieve this fuel efficiency was possible not only due to the cost of the engine, but also by optimizing aerodynamics. The drag coefficient was reduced to a value of 0.27. An important role is also played by discount tire rolling resistance and increased air pressure in them. Sales of the new Volkswagen Golf 7 BlueMotion start on the European market in the summer of 2013, and the first time this modification will be offered again in two trim levels – the base Trendline and intermediate Comfortline. Prices are not yet known.

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