New Volkswagen Caddy (4) 2016, prices and equipment

In February 2014 the German automaker presented the new Volkswagen Caddy van 4 generations. The car is presented at the company’s plant in Poznan, where the produced machine previous generation and which will produce a new one. The design of the new Volkswagen Caddy got 4 evolutionary change. At first glance, the car was fully recognized, but were subjected to audit all body panels. Van has a new grille, lighting equipment and other glazing, retouch the bumper and the other trunk lid.

Specifications. Unlike the new car models Volkswagen, which polls are moving to a modular platform, a new generation of commercial Caddy kept at the heart of the old “trolley” PQ35. The range of power units also undergone a major revision, but the engines have been upgraded to meet environmental standards “Euro 6”.
In the European market for the new Volkswagen Caddy 2016 is available four diesel and three petrol engines. Gasoline engines represented 1.0-liter three-cylinder TSI with 102 hp and two four-cylinder engines of 1.2 (84 hp) and 1.4 (125 hp) liters.

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Configuration and price. Receiving orders for the new Volkswagen Caddy IV in Europe will begin in March at a price of €14,780, and the first living machines will reach dealerships in the summer of 2015. The manufacturer has provided for the new Volkswagen Caddy 2016 set does not previously available systems. In addition, for an extra charge available side curtain airbags (passenger version), heated windscreen, automatic high beam system to prevent a frontal collision, and so on.

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