Volkswagen has brought to Detroit terrain Tiguan GTE Active

At the auto show in Detroit 2016, Volkswagen presented the off-road version of the hybrid crossover Tiguan GTE Active Concept, prepared especially for off-road driving.
The car received a special toothy tires, protective body kit and improved geometry of the body. Skilled Volkswagen was also able to increase the ground clearance between the axles up to 226 mm (+46 mm), with a maximum ground clearance increased to 243 mm (+ 43 mm).
The movement Volkswagen Tiguan GTE version Active resulting hybrid propulsion system, which consists of a 1.4-liter turbo power of 150 hp and two electric motors: one is installed in the front (54 hp), and the second – the rear (115 hp). Plus a set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 12.4 kWh.
Total capacity of this installation reaches 225 hp, and the thrust is transferred to the wheels through a robotic DSG transmission with two clutches. Stated smell stroke off-road vehicle – 928 km.
Interestingly, from a standing start after starting the power unit is active only the electric motor on the rear axle. If necessary, the driver can engage and front motor receiving wheel drive car. However, the battery for the ride in this mode is only enough for 32 km at a speed of up to 112 km/h.
Volkswagen Tiguan Concept GTE Active has several modes of operation. Two of them are designed for riding on public roads (standard and economical), and three – off-road: for driving on gravel, stones and sand. In addition, there is a mode for driving on snow, as well as for driving with battery charging from the engine.
Concept coupe also received LED head optics, additional lighting elements on the roof and the special color of the body. Inside, the car set a new multimediyka MIB, which has a 9.2-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×640 pixels, a system of gesture recognition and support of modern mobile gadgets Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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