Subaru company has prepared for the North American version of the restyling market BRZ model. Updated two-door received an upgraded engine and enhanced chassis. The movement Subaru BRZ 2017 to continue to lead the 2.0-liter boxer “four”, but in the engine cylinder head installed the other, a new camshaft and valves, as well as improved intake and exhaust. As a result, motor power, working together with an automatic transmission unchanged at 200 hp and 205 Nm. But the version of mechanics became a little more powerful. She now develops 205 “horses” and 211 Nm of torque. By changing the final drive ratio from 4.1: 1 to 4.3: 1, the Japanese managed to make a coupe with manual transmission faster, but the exact time of acceleration from zero to hundred is not yet known. Recall that to restiling transfer any version of the first hundred after 7.6 seconds after launch, and its maximum speed reaches 226 km/h. Among other technical improvements of the updated Subaru BRZ coupe 2017 mention should be reinforced strut front struts, upgraded shock absorbers and springs, as well as increased rear stabilizer bar.
As an option available for the model sport Performance Package, which structure includes 17-inch aluminum wheels, shock absorbers Sachs and more efficient brake company Brembo. Subaru Specialists also optimized the configuration of the stabilization system, which allowed a little more manageable compartments. In addition, they decided to rename Sport mode, which is now called Track. The Japanese have focused on improving the technical stuffing two-door, so apparently the updated Subaru BRZ Unlike earlier possible only on one front bumper and a modified light-emitting diode headlights of head light. Inside, the model functional multimedia system has been expanded, so that now a 4.2-inch LCD-screen (in the Premium configuration is a 6.2-inch display) displays information about the position of the accelerator pedal, steering angle, braking force, and so on. In addition, the driver can use the stopwatch to learn lap. In the US, the new Subaru BRZ 2017 will appear in dealerships in September of 2016, but prices say later.

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