New Saab 9-3 2016, prices and equipment

The Swedish Saab company has introduced a new line of 9-3, including a sedan, wagon and convertible. All of them will be shown to the public next week at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. From the previous version of the updated 9-3 can be distinguished by a different front bumper, modified head-optics and grille with the large letters SAAB. Behind the sedan boasts a small spoiler on the trunk lid and the chrome strip. Regardless of the configuration, from now on all Saab 9-3 will be equipped with fog lamps and external differences alloy wheels round out the new design, available on a radius of 16 and 17 inches. It is available in two variants of power: 163 hp (320 Nm) and 220 hp (350 Nm). Total of convertibles will be made only 366 pieces. Prices updated Saab 9-3 will be known later.

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saab-9-3-facelift_04saab-9-3-facelift_03saab-9-3-facelift_01saab-9-3-facelift_02saab-9-3-facelift_09saab-9-3-facelift_06-650x459 saab-9-3-facelift_08-650x459

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