At the motor show in Los Angeles 2015, the premiere of the updated Ford Escape crossover 3 generations, which in Europe and Russia, sold under the name Kuga. Restyled car was retouched exterior, upgraded interior and new engine.
Outside the Ford Escape (2017) gives a new hexagonal grille, made in a style similar to the older Edge model. In addition, the crossover was reissued bumper, the refined head optics, the other rear lamps with diode sections and the wheels of the new design. Also added three additional variants of paint finishes: Lighting Blue, White Gold and Canyon Ridge.
Inside Ford Escape (2017) flaunts multimedia SYNC 3 on the new firmware, which made it possible to speed up the response of the touch screen buttons are pressed. Plus, the system works in tandem with the mobile application, allows you to check the fuel level in the tank, open or close the doors and start the engine.
In addition, the updated coupe got a button instead of the traditional parking brake handle, a new steering wheel and changes in the central dashboard. Probably all of the above changes will get updated and Ford Kuga 2.
In place is still 1.6-liter engine in the line of powertrains for Ford Escape came 183-strong workers turbo-four EcoBoost 1.5-liter, two-liter engine and a top power of 249 hp It has been redesigned to reduce noise and vibration. To achieve this, engineers managed thanks to the installation of a new exhaust manifold and the pistons.
Also in the lineup remained aspirated 2.5-liter with 168 returns in force – it has remained unchanged. The equipment includes improved models of automatic parking system (add mode perpendicular parking), adaptive cruise control with collision warning function front, tracking system “blind” zones and marking function of assistance in moving up the hill, and so on.
Sales of the updated Ford Escape 3 in the United States will start at the end of 2015, the price will be announced later.

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