New UAZ Patriot SUV 2016, prices and equipment

Large UAZ Patriot (UAZ-3163) SUV is available since 2005, but since then the car constantly upgrade and improve. Thus, the current version of the model has stepped far beyond the original UAZ-3162 Simbir, on the basis of which at one time and was built by Patriot. From Simbir got a patriot and exterior body panels with angular and vertical stern. But in the fall of 2014 the automaker introduced a new UAZ Patriot 2016 model year, which got redesigned with a new front grille, the other head optics with LED and renewal of sections of the bumpers. Similar changes were received and UAZ Pickup.

Configuration and price UAZ Patriot 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.7 Classic MT $13,400 2.7 petrol (128 hp) Manual (5) full
2.7 Comfort MT $15,200 2.7 petrol (128 hp) Manual (5) full
2.7 Limited MT $16,600 2.7 petrol (128 hp) Manual (5) full
2.3D Limited MT $18,800 2.3 diesel engine (114 hp) Manual (5) full

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In addition, to recognize the new UAZ Patriot 2015 is possible on the original taillights and spare wheel housing on the trunk lid, rear-view mirrors with integrated indicator lamps in them and another step. Bumper now attached to the body and not to the frame, and all windows except the door become glued. Overall length UAZ Patriot is 4 750 mm, the size of the wheelbase – 2760 width – 1900, height – 1910, and the ground clearance (clearance) SUV is 210 millimeters. Cargo capacity on the Patriot after restyling has decreased by about 50 liters (up to 1 150 liters) due to the shifted 80 mm to the rear of the second row of seats. The last lost on the backrest adjustment, but with the folding front seats (without headrests) they lie almost flush with the rear bed to form a bed. Plus, in the trunk of a car appeared 12 volt outlet and convenient shutter and transport children is now more secure by adding Isofix attachment for child seats.
Saloon car for years, the issue is also not just exposed to modernization, but the main difference between the new UAZ Patriot 2016 from the pre-reform version of the emergence of modern multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen, rear-view camera and navigation system Navitel, available, however, only in expensive versions. Here you can note the modified instrument panel, adding adjustable driver seat height, available at an extra charge preheater with a programmable timer and winter package, which includes heated windshield, additional heater interior, heated rear seats and a high-capacity battery. In August of 2015, the car has received other upholstery doors that hid the inner window seals, two-tone upholstery with stitching on the seat contour, the new dynamics of the door and the armrest in the back row with two cupholders. According to the technical part of UAZ Patriot 2016 got a rear stabilizer bar, and rear propeller shaft with crosses, do not require lubrication, which increased its service life and extend the warranty on the unit up to three years or 100,000 km. In top trim the old ABS from Bosch replaced by a more modern four-channel. It is worth noting a number of other changes that have occurred earlier. Now, regarding the engines. The base engine for the UAZ Patriot is a 2.7-liter petrol engine ZMZ-40905 power 128 hp (210 Nm at 2500 r/min), and the alternative is the 140-horsepower (270 Nm in the range of 1800 to 2800 rev/min) diesel engine ZMZ-51432 with injection Bosch Common Rail cylinder capacity of 2.3 liters. Both engines are combined in a pair with a 5-speed manual transmission, all-wheel drive SUV providing a maximum speed of 150 km/h (diesel version develops 135 kilometers per hour). On the highway, the consumption is claimed at 9.5 liters for diesel and 11.5 – for the petrol version. Price of new UAZ Patriot 2015 starts with a mark of $13,400 for the car as standard Classic, and for the SUV version Limited will lay out a minimum of $16,600. The top version with diesel will cost $18,800.

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