So, selling Porsche Panamera has not yet started, and the respected German Gemballa tuning company ┬áhas announced the next photos Porsche Panamera Mistrale. No technical details about tuning from Gemballa Porsche Panamera yet, so look at the photos to appreciate external changes. At Porsche Panamera Mistrale completely new front bumper with a lower “lip”, made from carbon fiber. Additional air intakes for cooling the brakes and engine, rear bumper with integrated diffuser, and a serious exhaust system with four pipes integrated into the rear bumper Panamera. Between the tail lights add red reflective element, giving the similarity Porsche Panamera with 911 of models. Rounding out the picture of the stylish 22-inch wheels, probably by Gemballa. We are waiting for details.

porsche-panamera-gemballa_01-650x441 porsche-panamera-gemballa_03-650x360 porsche-panamera-gemballa_04-650x399 porsche-panamera-gemballa_02-650x387