For those owners of the new compact Fiat Panda hatchback 2012 who want to stand out a bit from the stream, experts from the German Novitec tuning company prepared a small set of accessories. Firstly, the tuners offer put on Pandu 17-inch alloy wheels, available in silver or matt black color. Finally, thirdly, the tuners for the car developed a new front bumper and rear spoiler. But those who wish to make the city a little bit faster CD, specialists from Novitec offers two packages to increase productivity. Returns can increase the top speed to 178 km/h and acceleration to hundreds reduced to 11.9 seconds.

fiat-panda-novitec_02-650x487 fiat-panda-novitec_01-650x487 fiat-panda-novitec_03-650x487