The Russian TopCar tuning studio presented a new package of “Bullet” for the Bentley Continental GT and Bentley GT Speed coupe. The package includes an aerodynamic body kit, upgraded body panels and new wheels. Technically cars were not touched. “Bullet” by TopCar include new bumpers, grille, side skirts and a new hood with air intakes. The front bumper has got a spoiler and LED lights, and in the back – there was an integrated diffuser. Price per set, including a set of cast wheels, is 25 000 euros. Matte black coloring for the Bentley Continental GT will cost 7000 euros.

topcar-continental-gt_01-650x433 topcar-continental-gt_02-650x433 topcar-continental-gt_03-650x433 topcar-continental-gt_04-650x433 topcar-continental-gt_05-650x433 topcar-continental-gt_06-650x433