2110, or just “ten” is a good attempt to catch up with Western Togliatti auto industry, however, is to leave the first production car off the assembly line, it is significantly outdated. And now, to bring the vehicle to a more or less acceptable level, the owner of VAZ “ten” will have to invest a lot of effort and money.
Start tuning 2110 should be at the same time, once you have purchased the car. Once you are ready for constructive processing of the power unit, and in this regard special expenses incurred do not have to, because the goal is to make the engine “alive” and not to compete with expensive supercars.
Tuning engine 2110 starts with improving the “breathing” engine, ie will provide good air flow. The mere replacement of the air filter can increase capacity by 8%! Following the old filter on the shelf in the garage, and sent staff throttle device, because it is not able to provide the right amount of air for the proper preparation of the fuel mixture. Of course, you need to spend money on the inlet and the receiver, however, for it to make a choice – which will require the most power: to “low” or at high engine speeds?
Note that the replacement of the intake camshaft and the receiver should only be carried out in a professional service, independent intervention may lead to additional costs for towing the same service. Of course, this requires the completion of the replacement and exhaust system. For example, it is necessary to put 4-2-1 manifold where the exhaust gases merge into the first two tubes, and only then are joined into a single stream.
Starting the tuning of 2110, a good idea to modify the transmission and full-time. For example, you can even “add” sixth gear (although this is a very expensive and long). And this supplement is justified – only when the “short” transmission can be set to provide a rapid speed and the output of the motor at maximum power.
Having dealt with the motor and gearshift, and do not forget about the clutch, as the staff will not last long. And do not be amiss to “tie” and a limited slip differential, as it is banal safer.

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Do not forget about the regular alteration of the instrument panel lighting and interior – cheap, high-brightness LEDs will come to your aid.
Properly “charged” Lada 2110 will hit not only to its owner, but also others. However, keep in mind that traffic rules are the same for everyone. Do not make the race on the street, take care of yourself, your car or others. See also photo tuning 2112 – another popular family car the tenth, as well as its exact opposite – tuning 2111, which is an extremely rare object for improvements, and from more exotic and exclusive.

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