The network has a mysterious photograph of a sedan in which discern the features of several Mercedes-Benz models. Journalists from Autoblog conducted its own investigation, during which it became clear that the development of the car involved in the company Galpin the Auto Sports (the GAS), best known for his participation on the TV show “Pimp My Ride”.
It turned out that the picture was originally published December 15, 2015-th to the official Facebook-page of tuning studio, but after a few hours it was removed for some reason, with the very title of this vehicle has remained untouched.
In microblog GAS it reported that the car, known as Mercedes Royale 600, is now available for order. Project details were not disclosed, however, seems to have built a car based on the Mercedes W222 the S-the Class.
Grille of the “Mercy” is made ​​in the style of the classic models of the German mark, while the headlights borrowed from the supercar the SLS. On the technical “stuffing” and cost of such a car is no information.