Tuners from Mcchip-DKR added a power-charged BMW M2

Loaded BMW M2 coupe with a 3.0-liter 370-strong “six” is quite powerful and fastest car, but the German company Mcchip-DKR offer squeeze out the maximum.
Tuners are ready to modify the turbine to reprogram the engine control unit and install a new exhaust manifold with catalytic converter. As a result of the return of the power unit will increase up to 445 hp and 600 Nm, and therefore in terms of the M2 performance equals the older the BMW M4 (F82).
Among Mcchip-DKR also prepared a new intercooler, after which the engine is “charged” will issue already 450 “horses” and 690 Nm of torque.
The dynamic characteristics of the modified BMW M2 were not disclosed. As for the cost of such a tuning program, it is 8090 euros (9000 dollars).


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