New BMW M3 and M4 are equipped with a 3.0-liter “six” power of 431 hp. Tuners from German B & B Automobiltechnik studio decided that this is not enough and prepared a phased program to improve the capacity of the motor.
In the first stage experts B & B offers a slightly modified electronic engine control unit, resulting in the return of the power unit will increase up to 490 hp Stage 1 cost is 1798 euros.
In the second stage tuners modified turbochargers, install more impressive exhaust, reprogrammed ECU and optimized intake system will enhance the efficiency of the intercooler. These improvements will increase the engine power is already up to 540 hp, and Stage 2 will cost customers in the 2 950 euros.
Well, in the third stage in the B & B Automobiltechnik studio promise to increase the engine returns to 580 “horses”, but due to what they will be able to achieve such performance in the company did not specify.With this engine, the BMW M4 accelerates from zero to hundred in 3.5 seconds, while the mark of 200 km/h car takes 11.2 seconds later. after the start.
The company also offered to equip the models M3 and M4 other brakes, oil cooling system, adjustable suspension with the truncated springs, as well as proprietary 20-inch wheels. The cost of these improvements is not called.

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