The Startech tuning studio turned their attention to the big sedan Bentley Flying Spur, decided to experiment a bit over his appearance.
The company developed a car from aero carbon elements, which includes a diffuser, front splitter and lining the front bumper.
In addition, the sedan is put on the 22-inch wheels Startech Monostar and equipped with a new exhaust system made of stainless steel, which has an adjustable flap.
Finally, the company is fully extended a Bentley Flying Spur interior to your liking, but touch the engine tuners from Startech did not. Although the promise later to take up the completion of a technical stuffing.

foto-startech-flying-spur_03 foto-startech-flying-spur_02 foto-startech-flying-spur_01 foto-startech-flying-spur_05 foto-startech-flying-spur_04 foto-startech-flying-spur_06