Tuners from ABT studio brought to the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 modified Audi RS6 wagon, which has received a prefix to the name of R. The car has got a brand wheels, aerodynamic and uprated engine. Regarding the latter, the company’s specialists have reprogrammed control unit is a 4.0-liter turbo “Eight” and replace the standard exhaust system for the execution of stainless steel. These simple manipulations possible to increase the impact of the engine from standard 560 hp and 700 Nm of torque to 730 “horses” and 920 Nm. Now Audi RS6-R wagon gains a hundred places in 3.3 seconds (0.3 sec. Faster than usual), and the speed limiter at 250 km/h to 320 weakened. Tuners put “wagon” in the 22-inch wheels ABT DR, “shod” in the dimension 295/25 Dunlop tires, plus a car equipped with an adjustable spring. The kit includes the model made of carbon fiber front and rear spoilers, a diffuser, door sills and a rear-view mirror housings, as well as special crowns on the front bumper. Inside were the insertion of carbon fiber on the front panel and dashboard, and steering wheel trimmed in suede integrated small screen with LED warning about the optimum moment to change gears. The cost of improvements in the ABT company valued at 59,900 euros, is planned to build only 25 such machines.