Foreign media reported that the track supercar Aston Martin Vulcan soon road version appears, the creation of which will be engaged in a British engineering company RML. In adapting the car to drive on public roads RML professionals take about three months. The British increase ground clearance compartment and change the gear ratios of the gearbox. In addition, the road version of the Aston Martin Vulcan equip additional light engineering and involve in tests simulating crash tests. All this will improve the safety and practicality of the supercar. RML experts also check the toxicity of engine Vulcan to its level of emissions consistent with accepted standards. After these modifications supercar will be certified to drive on public roads in any country. Head of Aston Martin said that they fully supported the initiative of the RML. “Some customers refused to buy the Vulcan as ride it is possible only on track, but the RML experts promise to rectify the situation.” The Aston Martin believed that the version of the RML will be interested in at least four or five customers. In addition, the ability to adapt the track supercar for public roads will allow British companies to sell the two remaining machines. Recall that only 24 copies Aston Martin Vulcan was released.