Toyota showed the conceptual all-road crossover FT-AC

At the Auto Show in Los Angeles, 2017 showed the concept of the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC). The model is designed to demonstrate to the public how, in the opinion of Japanese designers, a compact crossover with off-road potential should look. The conceptual FT-AC received a solid off-road kit, consisting of numerous linings made of unpainted plastic (they can be seen on bumpers, wheel arches and thresholds), as well as decorative silver inserts at the bottom, imitating the protection of the bottom. On the roof of the SUV there is a cargo area, which is also made of unpainted and silvery plastic and has LED stripes. In addition, the car received an increased ground clearance, and its wheels are fitted with “toothy” tires. Another unique feature of the prototype – a sliding platform on the rear bumper, which can be used to mount a bicycle, while preparing the design can be done in just a few seconds. It is known that represented in Los Angeles all-terrain vehicle implies the presence of a gasoline engine and an advanced all-wheel drive system. The latter is controlled by electronics, which constantly assesses the condition of the road surface. The company also notes that in the future Toyota FT-AC may well get a hybrid power plant of a new generation, however, the serial production of such a model does not yet come.

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