Toyota Prius (2016) – a hybrid hatchback from Toyota, which has already received its fourth generation. The previous three went to the world circulation of more than 3.5 million pieces. Presentation of the new Toyota Prius 4 at a special event held in Las Vegas in September. It is expected that the European version of the model will present in Frankfurt, and the North American debut in Los Angeles. New Toyota Prius 2016 has retained the body-volume layout and a whole remained quite recognizable, although the design of the model has undergone significant changes. Numerous curves and complex shapes in lighting fixtures reminiscent of the hydrogen sedan Mirai. Interior Toyota Prius 4 new body preserved architecture precursor instrument panel in the center. But the front panel, steering wheel and center console design is original.

Specifications. The basis of the Toyota Prius (2016-2017) laid down a global modular platform Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), will reduce the center of gravity and torsional stiffness of the body has increased by 60%. Plus, the rear suspension is now mounted double wishbone vmete Semi-dependent beam. All of this allowed for better handling hybrid.

Overall length of the new 2016 Toyota Prius is 4540 mm (+60), the value of the wheelbase – 2700 width – 1760 (+15), height – 1470 (- 20). As before, the model is available in a conventional version, and with the ability to recharge from household network Prius PHV. Massa first of 1 280 kg (- 113), and the second – 1350 (- 85). In the future, it is possible the emergence of all-wheel drive version. On the composition of the new power plant Prius 4 official information yet, except that it has become 10% more efficient than the one that is used on the car previous generation and the thermal efficiency of over 40 percent. According to preliminary data, it includes a 1.8-liter petrol “four” 105 hp, 90-hp electric motor, a variator and a set of nickel-hydride batteries. The total output of about 150 forces. On recharge the Prius PHV installed higher-capacity battery to ensure the electric running at a distance of 50 kilometers. In general, almost all the elements have been upgraded technical stuffing.

Packaging and prices. Sales of the new Toyota Prius 4 will start in Japan in late 2015 and to other markets will get the model until early 2016, pricing details were not disclosed. But we know that the Toyota Prius (2016) acquired a new body diode adaptive optics, as well as complex systems of safety Toyota Safety Sense with many modern electronic assistants.

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