Land Cruiser Prado SUV is a big Toyota company, the model number occupying an intermediate position between the RAV-4 and Land Cruiser 200 models. The history of the Prado began in 1987. Production of the first generation of the SUV continued until 1996. Production of the second generation began in 1996 and ended in 2002. For Prado use a common platform with the model 4Runner. In 1999, the car had a restyling.

Configuration and price Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2016).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.7 MT Standart $39,100 2.7 petrol (163 hp) Automatic (4) full
2.7 AT Standart $39,900 2.7 petrol (163 hp) Automatic (5) full
3.0D AT Comfort $43,700 3.0 diesel engine (173 hp) Automatic (5) full
3.0D AT Elegance $46,600 3.0 diesel engine (173 hp) Automatic (5) full
3.0D AT Prestige $49,900 3.0 diesel engine (173 hp) Automatic (5) full
4.0 AT Prestige $54,100 4.0 petrol (282 hp) Automatic (5) full
3.0D AT Lux 5-seater $54,400 3.0 diesel engine (173 hp) Automatic (5) full
3.0D AT Lux 7-seater $55,600 3.0 petrol (173 hp) Automatic (5) full
4.0 AT Lux 5-seater $58,100 4.0 petrol (282 hp) Automatic (5) full
4.0 AT Sport 5-seater $58,100 4.0 petrol (282 hp) Automatic (4) full
4.0 AT Lux 7-seater $60,100 4.0 petrol (282 hp) Automatic (5) full
4.0 AT Sport 7-seater $60,100 4.0 petrol (282 hp) Automatic (5) full

Buy From 2002 to 2009 took place on the conveyor third generation of the SUV, and in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show was presented to the new, fourth generation of the vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. The length of the SUV is 4 760 mm, width – 1885, height – 1 880 Clearance Land Cruiser Prado 150 is equal to 220 mm and its wheelbase – 2 790. The luggage compartment 5-seater version is from 621 up to 1934 l, Salon 7-seater version can be downloaded from 104 to 1833 liters of luggage contingent. Exterior Prado 150 indicates that the designers (or, quite possibly, marketers) attempted to find a “new face”, which would be both well-recognized, a little (or a lot) aggressive and expensive.
The abundance of trivial elements and shapes, exaggerated “bump” over the wheel arches, slanting headlights and impressive dimensions suggest that the tasks achieved, but it all looks attractive – to judge customers. The interior style is somewhat similar family traits of the family Land Rover Discovery (3rd and 4th generation). In the design of the center console is dominated by regular geometric shape, the dashboard is devoid of any pretentiousness, digitizing scales dashboard is not too often that with a moderately bright illumination suggests a good readability, the steering wheel looks serious off-road and therefore the class, expensive. The third engine – inline 4-cylinder 16-valve diesel engine displacement of 3.0 liters. Potential buyers have three options Transmission: 5-speed manual gear changes, as well as 4- and 5-band machines. Drive in all embodiments, only 4×4. Today, dealers offer six levels of the vehicle: Standart, Comfort, Elegance, Prestige, Prestige Plus, as well as 5- and 7-seater version of Lux. Prices for the basic version of Land Cruiser Prado 150 with 2.7-liter engine and manual transmission in the configuration Standart start at $39,100. In the list of installed equipment includes fog lamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, sound system, full-time alarm, immobilizer, as well as ABS, traction control, Vehicle Stability Control, active head restraints and a set of seven airbags. The seven-seater SUV assembly Lux c 4,0-liter engine and automatic transmission will cost $60,100. For the money the buyer will receive the car with xenon headlamps, adaptive lighting, 18-inch wheels, front and rear parking sensors, three-zone climate control, cruise control, heated front seats, rain and light sensors, leather trim, CD- changer, navigation system, 4 camera viewing along the perimeter of the car, and others. Updated Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2014 In late August 2013, the automaker introduced an updated version of the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2014 European sales of which started in the autumn. Externally, the car got a new head optics with LED sections, changed the grille and taillights, as well as retouch bumper. In addition, an updated Land Cruiser Prado 2014 added to the dimensions – length increased to 4805 mm (45), width – up to 1905 (10), and the height was reduced by 20 millimeters – up to 1825. Restyled Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2014 still offered in five- and seven-seat versions, and in the number of options added a heated steering wheel, a multimedia system with 7-inch display, a rearview camera and a tracking system for “dead” zones. A is designed to improve comfort recalibrated suspension, and subjected to revision as a normal version of it and an electronically Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. As for powertrains, they are for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in 2014 remained the same, except that the power of the upgraded 3.0-liter diesel will increase from 173 to 190 hp.

Updated Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016.

Outside Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 has not changed. Is that on the machines by Elegance and appeared higher roof rails and factory tinted rear windows. And for the interior design has become an additional option available with brown leather trim and aluminum inserts. And thanks to the new transmission a little more economical steel and petrol engines, with a top-end 4.0-liter version of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 began to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 8.8 seconds versus 9.2 seconds. previously. Price updated SUV starts with a mark of $39,100 (base version with manual transmission), whereas for the modification of the new diesel engine is asked of $41,100.

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