Specialists Toyota has developed the concept of hydrogen FCV Plus, which is presented to the public at the end of October at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. Describing his prototype, the Japanese said that a car can be not only a means of transportation, but also a mobile power source.
Toyota FCV Plus differs quite compact. Thus, the length, width and height of the concept is 3 800, 1 750 and 1 540 mm, respectively. The wheelbase of the car is 3000 mm.
The prototype was equipped with four electric motors (one for each wheel). The energy for these is produced in the fuel cell by between hydrogen and oxygen. It is known that the Japanese fuel cell unit positioned between the front wheels and the hydrogen tank installed behind the second row of seats.
A unique feature of the Toyota FCV Plus concept is the ability to generate electricity while the car uses hydrogen as the fuel tank of your own, as well as from external sources. That’s why Toyota has named the concept “mobile generator” that can supply electricity to the surrounding infrastructure.

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