Toyota introduced as part of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, perhaps the most exciting concept. The car, called the Fun-Vii, is able to provide its owner a serious range of entertainment options.
Machine size is 4 to 020 mm in length, 1 745 mm – width 415 mm and 1 – in height, and the value is equal to the wheelbase of 2750 mm. The concept, according to the company representatives, should become the vehicle of the future in which “people, cars and society are a single entity”.
That is why the body Toyota Fun-Vii consists of a plurality of panels, which can not only change the color based on the whim of the owner, and transmit any information. Management of these functions can be controlled directly from the machine, and with special applications that are installed on the smartphone owner.
No less eccentric interior and Toyota Fun-Vii Concept. The car has many systems that are managed by using voice commands. Moreover, all systems, including navigation and multimedia, constantly updated, and can connect with like-on cars that are in the immediate vicinity.

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