Tuners from the Russian TopCar company, mainly specialize in fine-tuning the Porsche and BMW, but this time they decided to turn their attention to the new Mercedes ML63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz GLE), introduced the first sketches of the future package of this crossover. Judging by the images provided, the new ML 63 AMG is from TopCar get a body kit (it was called Inferno) with a new front bumper, although its architecture will be largely similar to the standard. The aggressiveness of the car must add flared wheel arches and side door sills and doors. On completion in the cabin is not reported. Representatives TopCar reported that the kit is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar with the use of vacuum forming technology. The first results can be seen in the spring of 2012.

ml-63-topcar-prew_02-650x487 ml-63-topcar-prew_01-650x439 ml-63-topcar-prew_03-650x426