In Tokyo, presented a compact pickup Yamaha Cross Hub

Unexpectedly for many, the company Yamaha brought to the Tokyo Auto Show 2017 conceptual pick-up Cross Hub, which has a rather curious exterior design and compact dimensions.
The model, the overall length of which is only 4.5 meters, received unusual proportions with a short hood, a forward-moved cabin and a convex rear wall of the cabin. All this makes the pickup similar to a ATV.
The four-seater Yamaha Cross Hub also received an unusual layout. The driver’s seat is placed here in the center, and two two passenger seats are located on its sides, slightly behind. Plus, you can take on board the fourth passenger, which will be located directly behind the driver.
In Yamaha, this planting scheme was called “diamond”, and it was thanks to it that the specialists of the brand managed to round off the corners at the rear of the cab.
The floor of the cargo area of the concept is covered with wooden flooring and has a large enough area that allows you to place on it a cross-country motorcycle, resting it with a wheel in the corner of the body.
At the same time, the Japanese emphasize that they do not position the car as a workhorse, since the prototype was originally conceived as a car for entertainment. The launch of this pickup in the series is not planned.

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