In Tokyo debuted electric crossover Nissan IMx Concept

At the end of October 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan introduced the conceptual electric crossover IMx to the public, which is a harbinger of the future serial model of the brand.
Nissan IMx Concept received a bright and futuristic exterior design, while some Japanese stylistic solutions (for example, an abundance of sharp edges) were borrowed from the new Nissan Leaf 2.
A key feature of the interior of the model, trimmed with unusual wood inserts, is a translucent panoramic display that seamlessly passes from the front panel to the door. Sites on the latter are used instead of rear-view mirrors.
Instead of the traditional steering wheel there is an unusual steering wheel, while most functions of the prototype can be controlled with the help of the system of gestures and with the eyes. In the latter case, the computer follows the pupils, which highlights those areas of the display that the driver is currently watching. No analog buttons in the cabin.
The conceptual Nissan IMx is built on the basis of a new electric platform, the development of which the automaker began before its merger with Mitsubishi. This “trolley” has a rear independent suspension, and on its rear axle it is possible to install an electric motor, thereby realizing a full drive.
As for this car, it is driven by two electric motors, the total output of which is 435 hp. and 700 Nm. They receive food for their work from a set of batteries placed under the floor with an increased charge density, whose capacity is not disclosed. The maximum range is stated at 600 km.
The prototype also received the next-generation ProPilot self-management system, with a number of advanced functions in its arsenal. For example, the autopilot is able not only to independently operate the car on the highway, but also to look for a free parking space, park and then return to the driver. When the autonomous mode is activated, the wheel effectively enters under the front panel.

It is expected that the serial version of the Nissan IMx SUV will appear on the market in the next two years. According to rumors, the commodity version of the model will be called Terra.

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