In August 2016 Tesla Model S sedan and a Model X received a new modification P100D with larger batteries, the capacity of which now stands at 100 kWh. The manufacturer notes that Ludicrous mode (for maximum performance) Model S P100D accelerates from zero to a hundred in just 2.5 seconds.
It turns out that is not inferior to such hybrid hypercar both in terms of the dynamics of the US electric car Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder, whose release has terminated, which means Tesla Model S can be called the fastest production cars in the world.
Sedan Model S P100D is able to pass without charging 506 km in the EPA cycle, or 613 km on the European measuring method. The Tesla note that this is the first production electric car, cruising range which exceeds 480 kilometers.
As for Model X P100D crossover, then Ludicrous mode transfer any the first hundred after 2.9 seconds. from the start, with its power reserve of up to 465 km on the EPA cycle, or 542 km on the European methodology.
For improved battery holders Model S will have to pay $ 20 000, and the customers have ordered the car in complete P90D Ludicrous, but have not yet received it, can get a more capacious battery for a fee of $ 10 000. Buy the new Tesla Model S P100D in the US can be as low from 134 $ 500, and for the Model X P100D asking for at least $ 135,500.

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