The company has prepared an updated version of electric car Tesla Model S. The car not only has received a modified front part of the body in the style of Model 3 and Model X, but also got a more modern technical stuffing. So, to equip cars now listed air cleaning system Bioweapon Defense Mode, first debuted on the crossover the Model X. S Update Tesla received Cabin HEPA-filter, the size of which is almost ten times larger than a standard automotive filters. According to American specialists, it is 300 times better protects the interior against the penetration of bacteria, is 500 times more effective filtering allergens, 700 times better than fighting smog and 800 times the effectiveness of anti-virus. To update the Model S in 2017 and was made available a new set of batteries with a capacity of 100 kWh. Recall that a top dorestaylingovoy version of the electric vehicle equipped with a battery capacity of 90 kWh. Among the other features of the new Tesla Model S noteworthy LED headlights, extra compartments for luggage storage, as well as other front seats with ventilation, which were borrowed from the Tesla Model X. Public premiere of a restyled version of the Tesla S is scheduled for mid-April 2016, information on the date of commencement of sales and pricing yet. * In the photo the pre-reform version of the model.

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