New Suzuki Jimny 2019 SUV

The official presentation of the new Suzuki Jimny 4 generation will be held on July 5th two thousand eighteenth, but basic information about the car for the Japanese market appeared on the network a couple of weeks before the event. The small off-road car has kept its corporate angular design, which has become somewhat more brutal. Outside, the new Suzuki Jimny 2018-2019 received round headlights combined in one block with a black-painted radiator grille and prominent vertical slots in the manner of Jeep models. The rear side windows became rectangular, having lost the characteristic bend, and the lanterns on the stern are now located exclusively on the bumper. As before, the reserve on the car is attached to the fifth door, and the wheel arches go either with expanders, or without them. The latter option is intended exclusively for the domestic market, and the first one, with an expanded track, will be exported (in Japan it is sold as Jimny Sierra). Among other things, the car can have a two-tone color of the body with a contrasting roof, and on the wheels put the discs at 15 or 16 inches. The four-seater car saloon got improved finishing materials, other seats, new steering wheel and instrument panel, a re-designed front panel and a modern multimedia system on top of the center console supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The interior looks simple, but still much more modern than the car of the previous generation. Specifications The most important thing is that Suzuki Jimny 2019 in the new body remained an honest frame SUV with two continuous bridges, rigidly connected all-wheel drive and the presence of a downshift in the transfer case. Suspension in a circle is spring-loaded, and the transmission mode is switched by means of a traditional lever. The basic engine for the model is a 660-cc motor with a power of 64 hp. (94 Nm), but this is only the version for Japan, where such a modification falls into the category of cay-cars with a reduced tax rate. An alternative to it is a 1.5-liter gasoline atmosphere, but its impact is not yet specified.

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