Suzuki admitted falsifying data on fuel consumption

After over of Mitsubishi, in the provision of false information on fuel consumption and confessed to Suzuki. According to the results of an internal investigation, the Japanese cars tested in the wind tunnel and on special stands, although the Japanese Ministry of Transport regulations must be tested under realistic conditions. At the moment, we know that Suzuki has provided incorrect data about fuel consumption in the following models: the Alto, Ignis, Jimny, Suzuki SX4 and Swift. According to preliminary estimates, around the world it has sold about 2.1 million of these machines. In his defense, the representatives of the Japanese company said that they were forced to carry out the tests on a different method of its specific location of its main test site, which is located on a hill near the coast. Weather in the area is very unstable, therefore testing machines in the real world is not always possible. Suzuki Guide noted that at the moment testing of vehicles is carried out within the framework of the existing rules. The Japanese have checked the results of new tests with the same performance and concluded that “no significant differences”. However, the market for such news from Suzuki mill perceived negatively, and the company’s shares immediately fell by 9.4%. It is the largest one-day collapse in the last 7 years.


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