Subaru XV Hybrid received the “heated” version of tS

In all-terrain Subaru XV Hybrid hatchback appeared “warmed” version, developed by a division of Subaru Tecnica International (STI). Novelty tS prefix to the name. STI specialists reconfigured car suspension, using stiffer springs and dampers. In addition, Subaru XV tS received diagonal struts beneath the floor, stretch the front pillars and slightly modified steering. Outside, on the other hatchback established thresholds, a new grille, front splitter, black mirror housings and other pipes of the exhaust system, located on the center of the rear bumper. On wheels the new Subaru XV tS 2016 adorn special 17-inch wheels. In addition, this model can recognize by bright orange inserts and nameplates STI. Experts of the company did not touch the technical stuffing hybrid hatchback, so the movement of the car still leads the 2.0-liter engine produces 150 hp coupled with a 13.6-hp electric motor, which is powered by a nickel-metal hydride batteries with a capacity of 5.5 ampere-hours. In Japan, the Subaru XV tS purchase can be for 3,326,400 yen (about 31,700 dollars). Thus, this version of the model was almost $ 7000 more expensive than a conventional hybrid versions.

foto-xv-hybrid-ts_03 foto-xv-hybrid-ts_02 foto-xv-hybrid-ts_01

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