Previously, the startech atelier prepared a full body kit for the Bentley Bentayga SUV, and now the tuners also presented a program to increase the power of the luxury SUV engine.

Outside, Bentley Bentayga from Startte has an aggressive front bumper made of carbon, for which the studio asks for 3,391 euros, as well as a rear bumper with four exhaust nozzles and a vertical LED flashlight located at the bottom (€ 9,758 per set).

The body kit also includes a carbon spoiler and a set of 23-inch wheels, “tucked” in Continental tires in size 295/35. Plus for the SUV became available LED “chandelier” on the roof. Naturally, the studio is ready to change and design the interior of the model.

In addition, experts Startech now offer owners to force a standard 6.0-liter engine W12 from the original 608 hp. and 900 Nm to 710 forces and 1,070 Nm of torque, available at 1,350 rpm.

Dynamic characteristics of the finalized Bentayga 710 Performance are not disclosed, while the upgrade itself will cost € 18,900. As for the total cost of tuning, it exceeds 32 thousand euros.