Smart presented the for-us Urban Pickup Concept

Company Smart declassified concept pickup for-us Urban Pickup Concept, which will show opens to the public at the Detroit Auto Show in 2012. The compact car with a length of only 3574 mm, width – 1506 mm, and height – 1701 mm, equipped with a magneto-electric motor with 75 hp (130 Nm), allowing it to accelerate to 120 km/h. The cargo area in the pickup has a length of 900 mm, but the tailgate is made convertible, and the floor to extend it, which makes it possible to place two bikes in the back, however, with the front wheels. Featuring Smart for-us Urban Concept in America – the homeland of big pickup trucks, the company apparently laugh at their owners, many of whom do not use half the features of their machines.

foto-smart-for-us_02-650x487 foto-smart-for-us_03-650x487 foto-smart-for-us_01-650x487

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