New Skoda Fabia to performance Monte Carlo

At the motor show in Paris the autumn of 2014 he debuted a new Skoda Fabia 3 generations, and at the spring exhibition in Geneva in 2015 the Czechs will present a special performance of the model in Monte Carlo. In fact, Monte Carlo for the Fabia – it’s like a kind of equipment that is available for both the hatchback and for touring. Moreover, in this version of the machine can be ordered from any of the available engines. So, the main differences between Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo from the usual is a special design of the exterior and interior. Inside, this version sports a seating area with a more pronounced lateral support, trimmed with leather steering wheel and color inserts in the decoration. Outside Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo is allocated overlays on bumpers and sills painted black housings mirrors and wheels (available with a diameter of 16 and 17 inches), and the tinted panoramic roof. Information on the date of commencement of sales and prices for the version of Monte Carlo is not reported. We only know that for a fee customers can order the installation of a separate sports suspension.

foto-fabia-3-mc_02 foto-fabia-3-mc_03 foto-fabia-3-mc_01

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