Shanghai hosted the premiere hybrid versions of the flagship sedan of the Volkswagen Phideon, which in the Chinese market is the successor model Phaeton. New opportunity to recharge the batteries from the mains was designated PHEV.
The front bumper of the hybrid Volkswagen Phideon PHEV 2017 built C-shaped diode running lights, and wheels adorn specially designed wheels. In addition, modification can be distinguished by the presence nameplates GTE.
The movement Volkswagen Fideon PHEV resulting hybrid propulsion system, consisting of a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo, the electric motor and battery pack. Vehicle passport requires 2.3 liters per 100 km, and the maximum power reserve reaches 850 km. The total impact and dynamic modification of the characteristics are not specified.
The control electronics of the car has three driving modes, while one of them is completely electric. At full charge takes about 2 hours. In the model, modifying equipment list includes a multimedia system with a 9.2-inch display, a premium audio system and Head-Up Display.
Serial production of VW Phideon PHEV will establish in China a joint venture between Volkswagen and SAIC. This will be the first hybrid model of the German mark, which will produce in China. No information about prices.