At the auto show in Los Angeles 2016 Italians presented the long-awaited Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover – the first in the history of the brand serial SUV. His harbinger, represented by Kamal concept was shown back in 2003, and since then the appearance of the commodity version of the car is constantly postponed.

Externally, the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2017-2018) reminds previously submitted Alfa Romeo Giulia. Here stretched a similar head optics and characteristic lights and most recognizable element of style, no doubt, it is a proprietary triangular grille. In this case, the profile of the model reminds another Italian crossover – Maserati Levante.

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Interior design Alfa Romeo Stelvio also largely overlaps with Julia. Common are the instrument panel and steering wheel, air vents and the dashboard, as well as a multimedia complex with a large screen on the center console. Is that the front panel on the crossover from the two-storey architecture turned more massive.

Of course, as a sedan, coupe Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2016 is built on a modular chassis with Giorgio Double-arm front and multi-link rear suspension and the drive is back, but with a plug-in via multi-plate clutch of the front axle.

While the car is presented only in the North American specification. There already is offered in the base 2.0-liter turbo power of 280 hp, which, working in tandem with 8-band gun, ensures maximum speed of 231 km/h.

Stelvio crossover name was in honor of the eponymous the pass in the Eastern Alps, where at an altitude of 2.7 kilometers is a dangerous mountain road with many sharp turns.

And on top of the scale is a modification of Stelvio Quadrifoglio with a 510-horsepower 2.9-liter V6 engine with two turbines. This is significantly higher than all competitors, to disperse hundreds – of 4.0 seconds, maximum speed -. 285 kilometers per hour. In the European market for Alpha Stelvio will be available much more powertrains, including diesel.

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Sales trends in the Old World to begin in the first quarter of 2017, prices will be announced later. Sales of Italian cars have started many times, but almost always ended up folding the supply due to extremely low demand.

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