September 1, 2017, will be the presentation of the Volkswagen Polo sedan 2018 in a new body. True, it will be a machine for the Brazilian market, which they sell under the name Virtus. The network already had the first photo of the model without camouflage.
It is expected that later Virtus will get to the market without any major changes, so now it can be considered as a successor to the current Volkswagen Polo Sedan.
Judging by the available photos, the new Polo sedan 2018-2019 year will receive the same front end as the hatchback Polo VI generation for the European market. Here, similar optics with diode sections, a bumper with two slots of air ducts and a patch over the radiator grille in the body color.
The new model Volkswagen Polo sedan 2019 will retain the profile in the style of the predecessor with a small triangular window in the rear pillars, while the feed can boast horizontally elongated lanterns that in their shape resemble the Audi lighting fixtures. Expensive versions will receive a spoiler on the trunk lid and chrome decor in the exterior design.
The salon of the new VW Polo Sedan 2 generation repeats a similar one on the hatchback. In top-end configurations, a four-door can be ordered with a fully digital instrument panel and a large screen multimedia system at 8.0 “. Also, you should expect a small increase in free space in the cabin and better materials finishing.
The basis of the car will lie the variation of the modular platform MQB, so that, probably, the car will become more interesting in management. Under the hood of the Brazilian Virtus, a 1.6-liter atmosphere at 120 forces will be prescribed, as well as a new 1.0-liter three-cylinder TSI (exact return is not called).
The Volkswagen Polo Saloon sales start in a new body in South America is scheduled for November 2017, and in the market, the model is unlikely to appear before the second half of 2018, and prices are likely to grow significantly.