Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2013, won his 27th career victory, but the victory proved this is not easy. Fernando Alonso managed third place ahead of his team-mate, and came in second, but in the third turn buried in the leader and the damaged front wing. However, even with the injury the Spaniard did not miss a single opponent ahead, but not zazzhat then the pits was a big mistake. At the finish line after the first lap wing completely broken and turned under the bottom of the car, making the Ferrari Alonso unmanageable. Incredibly annoying gathering at the beginning of the race was a huge disappointment for gonschka and for the team and its fans. Plus a little Felipe Massa failed start, rolled away from second to sixth place. But Mark Webber rehabilitated for Australia and this time started the race a lot better. After leaving Fernando, he came in second place, and after the first pit stop and found himself leader of the Grand Prix, then stored for a long time and holding his position behind Sebastian Vettel. As expected, Malaysia pilots had to stop many times to change tires. Most of the back of the field chosen tactic already with four stops, although someone enough and three. True, the latter option was not winning, Posklku all leaders stayed four times. Such a large number of stops has played a cruel joke with a number of pilots. At first, Lewis Hamilton, as he said after the finish, repeated Jenson Button drove the habit to mechanics team McLaren, for which he served six years. But it’s a fun episode, but the two pilots of the Force India had to go the distance, because one of the wrenches refused to attach the front wheel. A similar situation occurred with Jenson, and in that moment, when he claimed the victory if not, then on the podium or a very high points, crucial to McLaren, a poor start this season. In the Mercedes problems with pit stops was avoided, as it was possible to avoid technical problems and so that after the two leaders of the Red Bull settled both riders Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Following fought Roman, Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez, Nico and Kimi Raikkonen. Before the fourth pit stop Mark Webber ahead of Vettel on more than four seconds, but after they both stopped in the pits the gap between them narrowed. Mark after leaving retained the lead, but Vettel was in close proximity and within a circle of fierce fighting still came out ahead. Battle reminded the Turkish Grand Prix in 2010, with the only exception that the collision at this time still managed to escape. For a while Webber has attempted to counter-attack, but then gave up. Meanwhile, after seething battle between Hamilton and Rosberg, leapfrog each other on the straight due to the use of DRS. As a result of their struggle intervened personally Ross Brawn, who gave the order to bring both cars to the finish in one piece and in the order in which they are on the track. And they did. So behind Vettel and Webber finished Hamilton and Rosberg. And for a couple of laps to go Felipe Massa snatched fifth place at the Novel (6th place). The top ten also ended Kimi Raikkonen (7th place), Nico (8th place), Sergio Perez (9th place) and Jean Eric (10th place). That’s just on the podium in any of the pilots was not a festive mood. Where did those four seconds to make the benefits last pit stop? It turned out, the team asked him to keep the tires and lose momentum. And Vettel at this time attacked his best, but he was given a similar setting. Sebastian ignored and violated the order of the available installation before the race, so that Mark after the finish was grim. The complex will have a conversation and the leadership of the Mercedes, was not allowed to overtake Nico Hamilton, although the latter has been slower. Meanwhile, the leader of the championship left Vettel and ahead of waiting three-week break before the next race – Chinese Grand Prix.