At the Paris Motor Show last year, the company showed a concept Seat hatchback IBE, and at this motor show in Frankfurt, the Spaniards introduced a sedan called IBL Sports Concept. Novelty is sharp lines in the design of the design, the narrow strip of head optics rear lights, new front grille, and on its overall length of 4 670 mm Seat IBL concept more superior to the current model Exeo, built on the basis of the previous generation Audi A4. On a technical stuffing of the concept in the company information is not given, specifying only that the IBL Concept is a plug-in hybrids. In addition, the design used in its mechatronic chassis and a unique air-conditioning system. The launch of new products into production out of the question, but this concept will serve as a starting point to create a new flagship model in the line of Seat, which will replace the current generation of Exeo.

seat-ibl-concept_02-650x433 seat-ibl-concept_03-650x433 seat-ibl-concept_01-650x433