Scientists have found a way to open the Volkswagen cars without a key

The publication Wired reports that the car brands owned by the Volkswagen concern vulnerability exists using which hackers can easily gain complete control over the remote control of central locking system.
This gap has been identified by scientists from the University of Birmingham, who found four cryptographic key used in the system lock locks in more than 100 million vehicles Volkswagen brands, issued since 1995.
Experts have learned to intercept the signal transmitted from the transmitter to the transmitter in the car, and with the help of the data could make copies of keys that can open and close the VW group cars. Scientists note that the creation of devices for hacking they spent only 40 dollars.
“The main difficulty in intercepting the signal from the key is the distance to the vehicle in which to be a potential hijacker. It should not exceed 91 meters “, – experts said.
In addition, scientists at Birmingham University were able to gain access to the central locking cars with cryptographic scheme HiTag2. To open such machines with key transmitted signal containing one of the eight “sewn” it codes.
For breaking all the researchers used the same device that is off the beaten path from the transmitter signal, forcing the driver several times to press the button. These forced multiple pressing allows professionals to get all eight codes to unlock the central locking.
Scientists Birmingham not disclose how they were able to obtain cryptographic keys. Experts claim that they have managed to avoid information leakage, which can cause substantial damage, hitting the wrong hands.

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