The results of the qualification before the Italian Grand Prix 2015

Lewis Hamilton without any problems won the pole in qualifying before the Italian Grand Prix in 2015, showing the best time in his first attempt. The second he turned out to be a little slower, but the first one of the rivals to beat failed. Before home race in the Scuderia Ferrari had a major upgrade of the power unit, which made it possible to show a red second and third time, and Kimi Raikkonen this time ahead of Sebastian Vettel. But Nico Rosberg, who a few days before the start of the weekend in Monza daughter was born, there was only fourth. By the way, the next replenishment of the family happened to Vettel, but the German on the subject prefers not to extend. Fifth and sixth were qualified representatives Williams – Felipe Massa ahead of Walter Bottas. Should be placed riders Force India – Sergio Perez (7th place) and Nico (9th place), and between them on the eighth position wedged in the Roman Lotus. It is not excluded that Hulkenberg could turn out to be higher, but the engine on his car sustained only one combat round, so that a second attempt Nico did not go. Marcus closed the top ten in the Erickson Sauber. And in the race to representatives of Red Bull will have is not easy, because the Renault engines on their race cars unable to compete to provide engineering from Mercedes and Ferrari on the long straights of Monza.


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