The results of the qualification before the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2013

Lewis Hamilton won the qualification expertly before the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2013, well ahead of all his rivals. At the same time the Briton did not shine during the free practice on Friday and Saturday in the morning and in the first two segments of qualifying ahead of his team-mate Nico Rosberg. But in the final of great added Hamilton, he won the pole, and Rosberg was only fourth, behind not only Sebastian Vettel (2nd place), but the Novel (3rd place). The German dominated on Friday, but the next day the advantage of Red Bull has weakened somewhat. As for the French, it is in the last year looked good at the Hungaroring. Fernando Alonso has shown the fifth result, while the Spaniard was quite happy with it, given the speed of the machine is still not allowed to fight for the pole position. His team-mate Felipe Massa, who recently desperately unlucky, qualified seventh. Between the two is placed Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen. Weather in Hungary is incredibly hot, so the race both drivers Lotus can be extremely fast. Once again, the final segment of his way Danil Riccardo (8th place) in the Toro Rosso. It seems that the prospect of next year to go to Red Bull in place of Mark Webber gives young Australians additional speed. As for the Webber (10th place), then in his car again having problems with KERS. Not being able to use the full potential of the car, Mark had to give up the fight in the final segment, behind even Sergio Perez (9th) in the McLaren, whose team has chosen a different strategy from the start on a hard tire. In recent years, the Hungarian Grand Prix begun to free themselves from the reputation of a boring race with a minimum number of overtaking. System KERS and DRS, as well as new tires led to a race at the Hungaroring interesting and entertaining. Let us believe, will be no exception and the current year.


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